When the Family Ski Trip Is What Brings You All Together


The family rides back up the Red Lady lift for another shot down Crested Butte’s Roller Coaster or Mineral Point.

“In my family we’re even willing to give up a little individual freedom for the collective good, heeding a roster of rules enforced over the years by my father. The downhill commandments of “Ski Trip Dad,” as we call him, include: “No whining,” “Don’t bring more gear than you can carry,” “Don’t expect people to wait if you sleep in,” “Helmets required” and “Always stop at an intersection in the trail and wait for everyone else.”

“The last rule is perhaps the most telling. No matter how much we may egg each other on as we career down the mountain or relish being the first to the bottom of a long straight stretch of trail, our friendly competitions also breed unity.

“Skiing makes the short list of sports that allow a whole family to participate as a group. Sure, you can all spend an afternoon at a bowling alley, but you probably wouldn’t plan a week’s vacation around it. Sailing fits the bill, but with much tighter quarters. My wife’s family likes the beach, which is a fine seasonal pastime, but too slow-paced for my adrenaline-fueled clan.”

This extract from an article in the New York Times, sums up what I can see happening with our family after our inuaugural family ski trip to Crested Butte this year.

Read the rest of the article at the New York Times.


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