Skiing up a storm in the Rockies: A review In The Milwaukee - Wisconsin Journal

Joel Berliner, just wrote a spectacular piece about Crested Butte in the Milwaukee – Wisconsin Journal: “Crested Butte is truly an undiscovered gem, combining outrageous mountain skiing with a postcard-perfect vintage town of unquestionable charm.

“An emerging luxury resort that evokes the authenticity of Aspen 30 years ago, Crested Butte is developing an upscale character without sacrificing the qualities that make it exceptional. Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, 20 miles north of Gunnison, Col., it may be the best-kept secret in Alpine skiing in the continental United States.”

He concluded: “Just 13 miles and several mountain ranges from Aspen, as the crow flies (but hundreds of miles apart by road), Crested Butte is what Aspen used to be, exceptionally upscale, but remote and unique. Nothing could keep us from coming back, and so we will, again and again.”

Read the full article here: Skiing up a storm in the Rockies

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