Rustic Crested Butte's Chic Drink Destination: Dogwood Cocktail Cabin discovers the chic Dogwood Cabin in Crested Butte: “Two terms not often found in the same sentence: Fancy and Crested Butte. The isolated Colorado resort is more known for its laid-back appeal and incredibly difficult terrain. Somehow the three-year-old Dogwood Cocktail Cabin successfully mixes the finer things in life with the rustic nature of the central Rockies resort.

“Or, maybe the town’s visitors and residents just need a cocktail that badly after staring down the Banana Funnel all day or navigating narrow, rocky entry points into Third Bowl.

“The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is a mishmash of honest western appeal you’d expect in quaint Crested Butte and chic boozy flavors normally reserved for cities like San Francisco, Portland and New York.

Mixologist Phoebe Pedersen is a mad scientist behind the bar at the Dogwood. Photo Courtesy of Dogwood Cocktail Cabin.“Owners Douglas and Phoebe Pedersen bought the cabin intent on turning it into a first-of-its-kind upscale drink destination. Problem was, it was literally falling down (and was known to be quite the party house back in its heyday), meaning they had to spend more than eight months renovating it. This included lifting the house and building a foundation, along with just about every upgrade and fix imaginable. It opened in July 2008.”

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