February Skiing In Crested Butte

After four flights and an overnight stop in Tampa, arrived in Crested Butte at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. With ski passes and ski equipment pre-booked on-line the admin side of the ski trip took less than an hour. Passes for four took less than 1/4 of an hour and Peak Sports had us fitted in about half an hour.


First-ish lift this morning and a sunny start to the ski trip. Snow was forecast and the weather closed in, got cold and windy but the snow never fell.

Old warm-up runs were visited: Cascades, Panions, Prospector, Paradise Bowl, Ruby Chief, and the ski in route to San Moritz Condos – Oh-Be-Joyful.

By tomorrow morning, there will be 20 people from the British Virgin Islands on the slopes; and all in various stages of “rediscovering snow.”


Ski in ski out access viewed from the Westwall Lift. The run is Oh-Be-Joyful.



Ski in ski out access to San Moritz Condos (top left)


Weather closing in at the Gold Link lift

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