Crested Butte Mountain Resort Confirms Additional Skiable Terrain Inbounds

380 acres of mostly gladed terrain puts the resort’s official count to 1,547 skiable acres

Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) is going through the Master Development Plan process with the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest District. While developing current maps and analyzing terrain, resort planners confirmed that the ski area has 380 additional acres of skiable terrain throughout many gladed areas within bounds. The finding brings CBMR’s skiable acreage to a total of 1,547 acres; previously claiming 1,167 acres of skiable terrain throughout the resort.

“Going through the MDP process forced us to look a little deeper at our developed, gladed and extreme terrain to ensure that we have an accurate inventory throughout the resort,” says John Sale, Director of Planning for CBMR. “In the past, we had never counted our gladed terrain on many areas of the main mountain. Since it is an industry standard, we feel that adding this to our listed skiable acres keeps us in line with what other resorts are doing and is a honest reflection of what our resort acreage truly is. Also with new mapping technologies, we were able to exactly pinpoint these areas and get three-dimensional acreage counts.”

Every 5-10 years, ski resorts that operate on US Forest Service (USFS) Lands are required to submit a Master Development Plan (MDP) that conveys the resort’s vision for long-term investments of facilities and improvements. CBMR is currently going through this process, which will update their MDP. Resort officials have conceptually outlined an area for future expansion on Crested Butte Mountain and presented the concept to local public officials this past winter. The MDP is scheduled to be submitted to the USFS for review this summer.

Areas on the mountain that are now included in the resort’s acreage are the glades off the East River and Teocalli lifts, Horseshoe Springs, an area near the West Wall lift, the Forest and Hot Rocks areas and some glades off the Red Lady Express lift. The calculations were determined by resort planners, along with SE Group, a mountain resort planning firm based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

New Stats for Crested Butte Mountain Resort are as follows:
Skiable Acres – 1,547 acres (626 hectares)
Developed Terrain – 638 acres
Gladed Terrain – 367 acres
Extreme Limits Terrain – 542 acres

Trails -121 Total Trail
26% beginner
58% intermediate
16% advanced
*Percentages are determined using developed terrain only.
Snowmaking Terrain
297 acres (120 hectares) serviced by 14 of 16 lifts

About Crested Butte
Nestled in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Crested Butte is committed to preserving the pristine landscape and mountain lifestyle. With vibrant Victorian store fronts and expressive local characters, the small historic town remains true to its heritage and radiates an unparalleled welcoming and inviting spirit that celebrates a simpler life and time. Thanks to a widely diverse landscape, outdoor enthusiasts of all levels will find a new challenge with each visit. From world-class mountain biking, to legendary skiing and snowboarding, to a secluded fly-fishing experience, Crested Butte is one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets.

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