Camp4Coffee serving up coffee on the mountain

Camp4Coffee is at the intersection of the Painter Boy, Prospector and Gold Link lifts. Famous for its coffee, it’s a great meeting point and somewhere to grab a quick power boost without stopping for too long. A good selection of hot and cold beverages (including soy hot chocolate for those that need dairy-free) and snacks. When the weather is good, the BBQ-mesiter pumps out hot- and bratwurst-dogs.

Being at the top of the green Painter Boy run and a selection of blue runs on the opposite side, beginner and intermediate ski needs can be met with a good spot for grabbing a quick breather.

In fact, when we were there in late-March, you could do two runs down Prospect before your coffee was ready to drink.



The Clif Builder’s Bar – prevents downtime on the slopes!

With the cost of ski passes and the limited time (and money) for ski vacations, who wants to hang out too long feeding the kids?

The Clif Builder’s Bar was the answer. With 20g of protein from soy and nuts, we were able to split one of these bars between our two kids and keep them going until a late lunch at Butte 66 at the base of Crested Mountain Resort – BBQ Pork sandwich a must!

With no trans fat, hydrogenated oils or dairy (our youngest is allergic to dairy), the chocolate bars were gobbled up quick sharp and provided half of their daily required protein.

For us oldies that have to watch our cholesterol they may be a bit high in saturated fat, but hey I was skiing!

Check out their web site for more on their products and where you can buy them


Eileen Ogintz talks about her many family trips to Crested Butte:

"There are memories everywhere I look.

"We were just married — no kids yet — when friends from Texas
introduced us to Crested Butte Mountain Resort. A gem of a mountain (no
lift lines here!) just minutes on a free, festively painted shuttle bus
from the tiny (less than 2,500 people) town of Crested Butte, so
steeped in mining history that most of the downtown area, with its
wooden, multicolored, 19th-century buildings, is on the National
Register of Historic Places. (Ever see a two-story outhouse?)

"We’ve been back many times since with our kids, cousins and various
other relatives and everyone has as much affection for this place as we
do, even though its location in southwestern Colorado (about a
half-hour from Gunnison County Airport) makes it tougher to get to than
many mountain resorts.

""That’s our blessing and our curse,"
observes longtime local Joe Fitzpatrick, town manager of Mt. Crested
Butte. "You have to really want to come here," he says, "But once you
get here, you’re really rewarded.""

Read the full article: CNN:  "Taking the kids: To rustic Crested Butte"


Read the reviews from Out of 29 reviews, Crested Butte received an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 (the Terrain Parks brought the average down. Pah!).

“Crested Butte is the one, ladies and gentlemen, second to none. If you’ve learned how to turn long ago and crashing moguls is making you sore, you’ve found the promised land.”

“Just spent 5 days at CB on our 10th anniversary “Guys Ski Trip” and had a fantastic time! The mountain is quite challenging with beautiful runs on the North Face and off the High chair. The snow was great and abundant. I have skied all the major resorts in North America, Europe and Chile and CB has nothing to desire in terms of terrain.”




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