Cycling Lower Loop, Crested Butte

A nice gentle 8-mile ride (4 miles each way) from Crested Butte starting at the end of Butte Avenue. From Elk Ave going west, turn right on First Street, then left on Butte Avenue and keep going. It’s a hard-packed dirt road that passes Peanut Lake before ending and becoming a wide-track hiking and biking trail. There a few shallow climbs there and back but the ride is very achievable for non-cyclists and younger children. The trail ends at a bend in the Slate River where you can dip you toes – or even you whole body- in the water. From here you can ride on to the more challenging Upper Lower Loop, the Gunsight Pass climb, or even loop back to Crested Butte on Slate River Road.



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Summer Activities in Crested Butte

Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) has put together a list of epic, yet authentically “Crested Butte” activities at the resort and in the surrounding area to give guests the ultimate Rocky Mountain summer vacation.

Zipline Tours

Last summer, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) added a Zipline Tour to its on-mountain amenities. The guided tour includes five ziplines, and a series of suspension bridges. The Crested Butte Zipline Tour is available during the summer, fall and winter seasons. The Crested Butte Zipline Tour has been a resounding hit with resort guests, local residents and employees. Scream out loud, hoot like a monkey and do a “superman dive”, zipping through the tree tops on this 2 hour excursion.


The Chainless World Championships (CWC), take place in Crested Butte today (Friday, June 24) . Though Crested Butte has held a chainless race in years past, this is only the second incarnation as a world championship race.

The race kicks off with a mass LeMans start at 4:00P.M. from the top of Kebler Pass and then heads down 7 miles of dirt and pavement to the heart of town.

For race updates and general shenanigans, be sure to check out the event’s Facebook page.

The CWC is part of the 31st annual Crested Butte Bike Week which started yesterday with Alison Gannett’s Rippin’ Chix Mountain Bike Camps for women and a “Night at the Museum” kick-off party at the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, 331 Elk Avenue.

Formerly Fat Tire Bike Week, the new name for this popular cycling week is “Michelob Ultra Crested Butte Bike Week”.  The Mountain States Cup Wildflower Rush runs through Sunday, and the Bridges of the Butte 24-Hour Townie Tour starts on Saturday.



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The Ice Bar – look for an igloo next season!

Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) is already moving forward with plans and improvement projects for the 2008-2009 winter season after experiencing the resorts snowiest winter on record last season, with a total of 421 inches of snow and an unprecedented 100 inch base on closing day.

CBMR improvements slated for the 2008-2009 winter season are focused on creating an enhanced guest experience. New this winter: Increased and expanded airline service, upgrades and remodel of the Treasury Center; a new “Kids Base Camp” replacing Kids World; on-mountain terrain expansion in Teocalli Bowl, glading and brush cutting on the mountain. Along with these improvements, the resort base area hotels continue to expand guest amenities and services.




The Wildflower Rush Race, Ride the Rockies and Fat Tire Bike Week Kick Summer into High Gear

Since local diehards started modifying their old “paper boy” clunkers to ride the area’s rugged mountain trails, Crested Butte has played an integral role in the development of mountain biking. The passion that these fat-tire enthusiasts held for their sport and the mountains spread steadily throughout the nation. Soon, a premier mountain biking festival evolved and Crested Butte was heralded as one of the finest places on earth for cycling.

The festival’s roots, like most things in Crested Butte, are colorful — it started as a vendetta. Back in the 70’s, a group of Aspen high rollers rode their motorcycles over Pearl Pass to Cre sted Butte and parked them in front of the Grubstake Saloon, one of two taverns in town. They lined the curb of Crested Butte’s only paved street for half a block.

To a small group of rowdy locals a bicycle counter-assault seemed the only reasonable thing to do. So early one September morning, fifteen hardy souls took off on their one-speed clunkers over 12,700-foot Pearl Pass into Aspen. It took two days. When they got to Aspen, they parked their bicycles in front of the Hotel Jerome, had a raucous party and shuttled back. That was 1976. By the early 80s, the tour evolved into a week of activities and Fat Tire Bike Week was born. The Pearl Pass Tour, as it is now called, still takes place every September.


An extract from Phil Marty’s “5 ways to be stunned by Colorado” in the Chicago Tribune:

Mountain bike

Wow moment: The Lower Loop Trail heading out of Crested Butte is ranked “easy,” as mountain bike trails out here go. But then you’re flying down or struggling up one of its hilly sections on a 12- to 18-inch wide single-track trail, dodging rocks in the path, and you notice that the outer edge of the trail drops off nearly straight down, promising a nasty 20- to 30-foot plunge if you slip up. It’s not the time to be rubbernecking. Save that for when you stop to catch your breath and marvel at the aspen- and pine-covered mountains rising around you.

Where: Crested Butte, sitting at nearly 9,000 feet in the very mountainous west-central part of the state northwest of Gunnison, is considered by many to be the country’s best mountain-biking destination. Trails of all skill levels form a web around the tiny, picturesque onetime mining town. And finding a trail often is as easy as just cruising the streets to the edge of town. But trail maps are readily available.

Full story here

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