Camp4Coffee -And Bratwurst Dogs and Soy Hot Chocolate

Camp4Coffee serving up coffee on the mountain

Camp4Coffee is at the intersection of the Painter Boy, Prospector and Gold Link lifts. Famous for its coffee, it’s a great meeting point and somewhere to grab a quick power boost without stopping for too long. A good selection of hot and cold beverages (including soy hot chocolate for those that need dairy-free) and snacks. When the weather is good, the BBQ-mesiter pumps out hot- and bratwurst-dogs.

Being at the top of the green Painter Boy run and a selection of blue runs on the opposite side, beginner and intermediate ski needs can be met with a good spot for grabbing a quick breather.

In fact, when we were there in late-March, you could do two runs down Prospect before your coffee was ready to drink.

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For families skiing it means that one of the parents can nip off on a quick run, while the other looks after the kids, and then swap. Conversely, it also means that kids can be entertained on quick runs while the mums and dads take turns in grabbing a breather and caffeine injection.

Camp4Coffee has four locations – but we only tried one!

The Story Of Camp4Coffee

All of the coffee that is served in the four retail locations and through the web is roasted by hand in small batches by human beings. In fact, only two humans know the top-secret recipe for creating the delicious Camp 4 beans. Camp 4 is lucky to have a great team of baristas, kitchen crew and roasters, who are lead by a dynamic personality known as Al Smith.

One of the ski racks at Camp4Coffee with Mt. Crested Butte in the background

The inspiration for Camp 4 Coffee came from the mountains. The name for this small coffee company was born around a campfire in Yosemite, CA. Al and his climbing partners were trying to create a name for a new coffee cart that would operate outside the Mt. Crested Butte bus stop during the winter (-40 degree temperatures are common at 6:30 A.M.). The group settled on Camp 4 Coffee because it was a name that connected with mountaineering, and altitude. The group also happened to be sitting in Yosemite’s camp #4 which is a famous location in the world of rock climbing. On major climbing expeditions camp 4 is usually the last opportunity for climbers to get something hot to eat and drink before making a push for the summit.

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