The path that facilitates ski in ski out at San Moritz Condos and leads to the Upper Level car park will be groomed for this upcoming ski season.

Thanks to permission from Stan Moores of Nevada Ridge, this path will be widened to 20 feet to allow the snow cats to groom it.  While they’re widening the path, San Moritz will also have the excavating company buff out the terrain below the path so the snow cats can groom that area too.  Not only will this make it make easier and more accessible for San Moritz guests, it will add more intermediate terrain to the lower slopes of the ski area.

Excellent news for all!

Crested Butte Mountain opens on November 26 and you can ski free until December 17 if you stay at the San Moritz Condos (and a few other places!).  Our two bed condo rates for this period are $189 per night – what a bargain!    So, if you fancy a little early season limber-up, e-mail us with your dates.

The early season free ski period was re-introduced again last year by Crested Butte Mountain Resort. 

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